Lazy Downhill Cycling Trip

From Jalori Pass to Banjar (HP)

As part of our commitment to bring you the longest, laziest and funniest stretches of pure effortless downhill cycling, we have this great discovery, which is destined to become a classic: Jalori Pass to Banjar in Himachal Pradesh.

This stretch will take most people just under 3 hours depending on speed. You have to have your brakes on almost all the time, so your hands will ache a little and you will need to stop frequently for breaks; to click photos and videos, or to enjoy the views. The upper stretch of the road is all dust, sand, stones and gravel, so you need to descend fairly carefully to keep control. Before too long however, it becomes a metalled road where you have better control for the blisfful ride the rest of the way down. For a good idea of the ride check out this video, which features two good cyclists and one slightly-lower-than-average cyclist.

SAFETY: If you have reasonable control over a mountain bike and go slowly this road is very safe, but if you do not have good control or you go fast, it can be very dangerous. Please only do this trip if you are a reasonably able cyclist. 


Day 0: Overnight Delhi to Jibhi.

The overnight drive from Delhi to Jibhi takes about 14 hours,

Overnight in cars

Day 1: Chill in Jibhi. Overnight in Jibhi.

Arrive in Jibhi at about 10am and check into the Om Shanti Guest House in Jibhi – this is a simple clean family-run guest house. All rooms have 2 separate beds and attached bathroom with western toilets and hot water (some are showers, some are bucket wash). Today you can fall asleep in a hammock, wander the area, go for a short trek, or have a dip in the waterfall. Lunch is served at the guest house. In the evening we will have a nice big Indian buffet (with a chicken option for the carnivores), a bonfire, and maybe a couple of cold beverages.

Overnight in guest house

Day 2: Drive up to Jalori Pass. Cycle to Banjar. Drive back to Delhi.

Breakfast at the hotel at 8am, and then at 9am drive up the hill to the Jalori Pass in local cars (it’s too scary to do it on a bus), spend a few minutes getting used to our bikes and then head on down the road. Just before Jibhi there is a river on your right. It is compulsory that you stop and fully submerge your head in the river. Drive on through Banjar to the meeting point where you hand over your bikes, and hop in the bus back to Delhi. Lunch is not included, so find a nice spot on the road to stop for a bite. We’ll arrive back to Delhi very late at night.

End of trip



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