The Taj Mahal

Some tips for travelers

Here are a few travel tips for those visiting man's greatest monument to love and one-handed construction workers. 

1: DON’T go on a bus tour! Recently a British guest of ours booked herself on a bus tour to Agra, against our advice... she left Delhi at 4am and by the time she reached the Taj Mahal (after stopping at every shop and temple on the way), it was 6pm, the gates were closed and it was time to return to Delhi.

2: DO go on the train! Book your train tickets on If however there is a long waiting list and you are a foreigner with a tourist visa, you can take advantage of a special train quota for foreign tourists, but you have to go in person to New Delhi Railway Station with your passport, and ignore the touts outside who tell you it has moved – it’s a scam to get you to go to a private booking office where you will get ripped off.

3: Keep an eye out for full moon viewings of the Taj Mahal.

4: As well as the obvious Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri, try and sneak in a visit to Krishna’s birthplace Vrindavan, Mathura and Radha Kund which are between Delhi and Agra.

5: Just go for a day trip rather than a weekend getaway from Delhi. Agra isn’t a great holiday destination, so it’s best to hop in and out.


The classic weekend trip from Delhi Hippies at the Taj Mahal
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