Weekend getaways from Delhi

My expectations from such traveling have gone very high because of Escape Delhi, the concept of downhill cycling in virgin territory (quite literally) and most importantly our group. I am afraid that I shall be a fussy creature while doing similar trips with other organisers or other activities or other groups! This trip has enabled me to find back my long-lost love for cycling (lost because of lack of opportunities). I have 1.5 litres of urrack with me. Please get in touch with me if anyone wants to do it. I'm sorry if anyone found the drink to be so offensive that it calls for a sorry!

Arjun Natarajan, India
Ladakh Motorbike Trip

On Ladakh Motorbike Trip: 

The planning of the trip left nothing to chance, the itinerary we wanted was executed without a hitch. All the accommodation and food was better than expected even in the remotest of places. The tour guides for the trip were both local, spoke perfect English and really couldn't do enough to make our trip as interesting, exciting and enjoyable as possible. When a minor medical emergency arose it was dealt with without any drama or fuss, giving the patient/client (which happened to be me) total confidence in this company.

Carl Dearden, UK
Weekend breaks from Delhi

My first Escape Delhi trip, the Alaknanda River Expedition, was so wonderful I’ve joined two other trips since. And I’m sure I’ll be back for more! The trips are well organised, the guides are great and the food is excellent and there’s always a nice bunch of people. It’s just like a weekend away with friends, but without the hassle of organising it yourself! Highly recommended!

Sophie Hardefelt, Australia

It should be on everyone’s 50 things to do before you die. I just hope you do it with such a great raft crew as we had and such wonderful guides. They really made the trip... If you've read this you're next move should be to pick up your phone and book yourself on one of these trips. It is not an exaggeration when I say it will be a memory you will cherish forever.

Jason McCready, UK
Testimonial 222211

Owe a huge thanks to Escape Delhi for a FANTASTIC skiing holiday in Gulmarg. With literally everything being taken care of, all I needed to worry about was having a ball skiing. And that I sure did...and at the most competitive cost as well (the locals also agreed!).


Lubna Shaheen, India

Thank you for the most amazing trip. It couldn’t be more perfect. The camp, the bus, the cocktails, the carpets and of course the people attending the trip. The program was nice, especially of the idea of being free to choose whether you liked to attend in the activities. Everything seemed very professional and therefore we didn’t feel unsafe at anytime. The camp had this natural feeling combined with a very proper condition of the toilets, food, bath and tents. The only thing missing was your and Maria’s guitars! 
Sara and Pi, Denmark
Rafting in Rishikesh

Going away with Escape Delhi was a really fantastic opportunity to get out of the city, breathe in some fresh and see some rural parts of India that I wouldn't of got a chance to see otherwise. Although I hadn't mountain biked before, this was a great way to start, it wasn't too hardcore and yet was still somewhat of a challenge. The roads were surrounded by lush green fields and villages, there was hardly any traffic and no sign of pollution with fresh air all around making surroundings perfect for a cyclist. Passing by villagers seemed to find it entertaining staring at us as it was probably slightly unusual for them to watch somebody riding a cycle fitted with 18 gears through their village! … Apart from the cycling part, food provided was delicious and it was a great opportunity to meet people and have the crack while eating and drinking around a blazing campfire.
Jenny Hickey, Ireland

The whole weekend was excellent and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an adventure or as a way to unwind. Furthermore it was great value - the transport was very comfortable, the activities were professionally run and the camp was way better than anything else we saw in the area.
Rob Baker, UK

We had the most AMAZING trip to Rishikesh! The rafting was awesome, camp was excellent, food was wholesome and tasty, and the people we were with were fantastic! We had fun playing with our daughter on the lovely beach and she even enjoyed a short ride at the bottom of the rapids!

The trek up the hill (my butt and legs thought it was more like a mountain!) was thrilling and the view over the Ganges was beautiful.

I would recommend this trip to ANYONE looking to escape the smog, breathe in some fresh air and have fun! When can we go again.....?

Patricia Topp, UK

Although it was just a short weekend it felt like a proper holiday. The trip was well organized by Nathan, there was even a cocktail for us on departure… As we were quite a good bunch of people there was always a good laugh. By the way the rafting was good too, although I've got a little criticism the water was a bit chilly and with Nathan on the same raft you can not avoid getting completely wet.

Beate Bischofberger, Germany

Having lived in Delhi for 18 months - I'd managed to venture as far west as the airport, and as far East as the laundry in the rear of my suburban flat. Time and again I planned, plotted and connived to do one trip or another, but the complexities in arranging even the simplest adventure around Delhi takes time, and time I don't have during the week. 

I came to know Escape Delhi through Nathan, the intrepid and prematurely avuncular Englishman who's DNA is coded in a little known dialect of Sanskrit. I initially baulked at the idea of an organised tour, but a quick, one night escape and some mountain biking was too good an opportunity to pass. 

We headed a few hours south to a very pleasant camp and enjoyed some excellent food upon arrival. An afternoon of relaxed cycling followed - enough to test those who wanted to ride on the bumpy bits, but calm for the rest of us. The following day we cycled further, through nice villages, laughed with the locals and stopped fairly often for picnics of high-energy food and puncture repair. Admittedly, we ran behind schedule as we had a statistically unlikely run of bad luck with punctures, but Escape Delhi was able to quickly adapt and we weren't too inconvenienced. In fact, the adventures and bailing ourselves out of them reminded me why I never managed to plan this kind of thing independently. The biking itself was a great time, but Escape Delhi's extra thoughts - a bonfire, good music in the bus, ample cookies for puncture stops, a keen eye for good suppliers of food and accommodation were what are worth mentioning to potential customers. Any crew can plan a trip - very few can make it feel like its just a bunch of locals riding bikes through the bush.

Wes Pryor, Australia

Hey it was nice to meet you all! …the camp was amazing-so beautiful, and that's coming from someone who grew up in Hawaii =) Thanks for taking such good care of us. Looking forward to more trips.

Maria Houar, USA

The rafting trip was superb.. You could not hope to find a nicer group of people, rafters and guides alike..food was excellent…and although my butt ached a lot after the great fall hahahaha it was simply great fun… looking forward to more trips and of course ‘The Wall’ has not been conquered so hopefully will do it again next year.. 

Mary Khuvung, India
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